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How to train a puppy is one of the most common questions raised by new dog owners. You have just brought this new creature into your lives and before too long you realise that unless you do something about it, his boisterous, carefree puppy ways are going to turn into a real headache when he is five times his current size and weight.

With that in mind, the following are what I consider the ten most important principles to take into account when training a puppy related to Husky Puppies Picture Collection2

The Ten Principles of Puppy Training
Beginning Training
1. Utilise the first three months of the puppy's life to shape the puppy's behaviour. This time should be spent teaching the puppy where it can and can't go in your house, getting the puppy into a routine so that it knows its boundaries and potty training the puppy.

2. Don't start formal obedience training with your puppy until it has reached at least three months of age. Your puppy goes through drastic change during his first three months where the central nervous system is developing. A puppy will not be able to understand or cope with formal obedience training before then.

3. When you do start formal obedience sessions at three months of age do not make the sessions any longer than four to five minutes long. Break the sessions up so that your puppy never becomes bored and ensure that you make the sessions happy so that your puppy is left wanting more. This is critical.

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